Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baby Shower!

My friend's sister is having a baby girl soon. And she asked me to make the invites for her baby shower. I gave her 3 different ideas and this is the one she chose. My other Friends liked this one best too. So, for the last week, I have been assembling 40 of these! They are done and delivered and I hope that she loves them!
I love the pocket card. Below is what it looks like when the invite is put inside.

The baby is a girl, so I had to go with pink. I know a bit predictable, but I love pink. Then I thought the swiss dots in white just reminded me of cute baby clothes. And of course ribbons and a frilly border punched. It was fun to design baby cards. The best part of doing the invites was delivering them because I got to see my friend's 10 day old baby. He was so cute and cuddly! He seemed so small, although he was over 8 pounds, so a good size baby. Well, my baby is 3 years old, so 8 pounds is tiny to me. I tried to take his picture, but he cried, here he is anyway!

Isn't he cute? I get to see him again on Saturday! :)
Well, I hope you all have a great day! I am off work, but my day is full of appts, so I must get moving now!

Thanks for stopping by today,
Melanie :)

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