Saturday, May 28, 2011

Okay, last night my 3 year old daughter told me that her nose hurt because there was something up there. She said she didn't know what or how it got there and wouldn't admit to putting anything in there, also she didn't seem too upset. So, I forget and we go to bed (yes i will win mother of the year award). This morning she says it again, but says it is a little football from a shoe. Then I remember that my son's crocs had little ball decorations on them. We get a light and a pair of tweezers and sure enough, I can see it and I pull out a penny size rubber baseball! And I wonder why?

By the way, my oldest twice put a Flintstones vitamin up her nose and my son when 3 had to have a pretzel removed by the ENT doctor! What do they think when they do this?

Anyway, I hope to get crafting this weekend....long holiday weekend...hooray!

The weather should be nice and my 2 older girls are marching in the Memorial Day parade on Monday with their Girl Scout troop! My oldest, went to the prom last night! So much going on this month....graduation is next weekend!

Well, Happy Memorial Day!

~Melanie :)

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