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Memorial Day Weekend!

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First I want to say Happy Memorial Day weekend to all!  and, THANK YOU to all of those who have served for our country, present and past!  I thank you and honor you.  God Bless America.

Most of us think of Memorial Day weekend as the kickoff to summer.  Here in Mass we are certainly feeling it.  In fact yesterday, I dragged out a few AC's and put them in the windows!  I just couldn't take it anymore!  A bonus for me is that my craft room is located in my basement.  It is much cooler down there (not so fun in winter...but I have a space heater).  The kids only have a couple of weeks of school left and I have finished with my online courses until the fall...hooray!  So, I have much more free time to craft :)

Yesterday after being lazy for half of the day (hey, it is the weekend!)  I went down to the craft room and had a lot of fun.  I did a lot of projects, from paper to felt to recycled caps...
(there will be a lot of pictures)

This is the first project I made.  I used Papertrey Ink stamps Strawberry Patch to create this fun card.  I had planned to make the card on white card stock and layer on a white card base, but I cut the original paper to small, so I used Stampin' Up Pure Poppy Card stock to mount and I love the result.  The main image is stamped with Momento Ink in black and colored with copic markers.  It is so fun to color with them.

I made a set of 4 note cards, matched them up with envelopes and packaged them in this clear box.  (the box the stamp set came in, I love to recycle! :) )  I then put a little deco on the package and the set is complete.

I did not stop there though...I am making a gift to donate at my work.  I work in a cancer clinic and we are having our 4th annual survivorship night. (This is a fun night that we celebrate the spirit of our cancer survivors - you are a survivor from the moment of diagnosis!  We have dinner, speakers and a candle light really is a special night.)  We get donations for raffles to support our night and we use the money to directly help our patients in need also.  I am making a small set to either use as a raffle or a door prize, whatever it is needed for.

I used the adorable basket die from Papertrey Ink and my SU! Craft cardstock, then I lined it with Pure Poppy card stock for stability and a splash of color through the holes.  I plan on filling the basket with craft shredded paper and then my handmade goodies.  I made the set of 4 note cards, I also covered a mini composition notebook with SU! DSP Just Add Cake.  I added a little strawberry that I had colored and cut, and I did the same to a larger notepad and used the same paper inside the RSVP pen.  Finally, I found this adorable little glass jar candle that is Strawberry Apple scented.

The next project I made used recycled flip caps from medecine bottles.  As I said, I work in a clinic and we are giving tons of medicine and thus we are having tons of waste.  I saw another nurse at the hospital with one of these cute flowered badge holders and thought, I can do that.  So I enlisted the help of my fellow nurses and the pharmacy team to collect these plastic caps instead of throwing them out.  I had tons!  I wish there were some prettier colors, but I do like how these came out.

I broke out the hot glue gun and I used the circular clip badge that holds our name badges and I just hot glue gunned the circles to make these cute holders.  It took all of 30 seconds to make each one!  I am making one for everyone I work with... I think they are adorable!

And since i had my hot glue gun out...I decided to make some felt flowers that I saw online.  I am going to post a few pictures and I will post more details later...

It is kind of hard to see in the photo above, but I also turned the flower into a pony tail holder...Below, is my youngest, Sophia, modeling for me!  <3

Speaking of Sophia, I also had to show this photo:

Please ignore the floor, as I said my room is in the basement.  So, I gave Sophia some scraps and she had glitter and glue and she put herself to work making "Valentines" for mommy and daddy!  She is so sweet.

Well, thanks for sticking around for this long post...I hope you have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!  And, don't forget the reason for the holiday!

~Melanie :)

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