Friday, April 2, 2010


Can it really be April already? This year is flying by. I have been so busy with work and family that I have not been doing much stamping. I did however participate in LGH's spring craft fair. Of course I crammed for 2 weeks to get ready. It wasn't as busy as the fall fair, but was a good day. And since my little Lily had no school that day, she came and helped me out. It gave me a chance to make some spring time cards, use brighter colors and new stamps! :)

I am sooooo happy to see the sun today after all the rain we have had. I am hoping the ground dries up some so the kids can Easter hunt outside. I am really hoping that it dries alot for those unfortunate people in southern New England whose homes flooded! Thankfully we only got a few inches in our basement and I only lost a small amount of my craft supplies, mostly old paper.

Well, have a Happy Easter and enjoy the warm and sun!


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Jen Dunham said...

I really like your Easter cards. They came out nice. That was nice that you invited Lily along to help out. I bet she was a great helper!