Thursday, July 21, 2011


Boy is it hot here in Massachusetts today! Upper 90's! A real scorcher!
One more day of work for me and I will be on vacation!
No plans to go away though, but hoping to get some good day trips in with my kids while they are on summer vacation (4o days until school starts! lol, but who's counting?)

Speaking of school, I thought I would show a couple of photos of my oldest daughter, my stepdaughter, Emily. She graduated high school this year and is planning on attending UMass Lowell in the Spring Semester of next year! Congrats Em! We are very proud!

This is my husband, Bill, and myself with Emily after the graduation ceremony:

Next this is Emily on her prom night. Doesn't she look beautiful?

What I find as so funny is that I would never think of a patterned dress for a prom, but it was all the rage this year. (does anyone even say that?) But, it did look very nice on her. I think satin and long, but hey I graduated a few years ago. So, let me show you my prom picture and see if you can guess the year:

Well, either the dresses or the hair styles should give you a clue.
Also, I offered to let Emily wear my dress (that's me far left with the awesome black ruffle and hot pink sequin dress) and she turned me down! Can you believe it? LOL.
(I do still have that dress in a closet at my parent's house though!)

Well, I hope you are all enjoying summer wherever you are, and I hope I get to be creative some next week too.

Thanks for stopping by today,
Melanie :)

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