Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Have you ever seen a leprechon? Well my daughter Lily is hoping to catch one!
This is the trap that she and my husband made for her to bring to school. Isn't it so fun?
She painted the shoebox and my husband cut the hole for the little bowl. Then Lily used my big shot to die cut leaves that we taped inside the cup to look like a tree.
There is a string colored brown coming down the tree for the Leprechon to climb. ...and when he does....boom....the cup falls on top of him and traps him! Why would he want to climb the tree? for gold coins of course! Bill had the idea to put one in the tree for him and Lily had the idea to put a trail to "lure him in"! I love this!

Thanks for stopping by today! Don't drink too much green beer (it's only Thursday! LOL)
~Melanie :)


christine said...

What a great idea!! When my kids heard you were making a trap they wanted to come help, we didn't make one this year. When they see this picture they will be soo impressed. Great job Lily!

Elaine said...

Very Cute. I bet it worked!