Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fun Hair Clips

I haven't made a card in days. I have been off of work and haven't made any cards. What have I been doing, besides spending time with my kids? I have been making hair clips. I bought some clips a while back and have been thinking about it, then this week, I was suddenly inspired to start....and couldn't stop. My daughter, Lily, called my sister on the phone yesterday and said "Auntie Chrissy, my mom has been making hair clips since yesterday morning! She hasn't stopped!" LOL I guess I was having too much fun. What do you think?
These were the first ones I made, there are LOTS more! It really is so fun, and Sophia is so excited to be getting so many new hair accessories! I also added some to my etsy store since I have been going crazy and making tons.
Well, these flowers make me think of spring and sun, none of which we will be seeing today, actually we may get some thunder storms this afternoon. Tomorrow I am back to work, so this is my last day of my mini vacation with the kids. We have 3 Dr appts today, so I guess it can rain if it wants to, we are doing nothing fun anyway!
Well, I hope you all have a good day. Thanks for stopping by today.

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